Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Snow Forecasting Experiment??

Strange considerations can crop up in the SFE. In previous years we have forecasted in areas of low radar coverage such as the mountain west, determined which side of the U.S.-Mexico border a storm would form on, and dealt with the severity of convection coming onshore from the Gulf. However, remnants of last weekend's storm threw a highly unusual wrinkle in the forecast....

Sunday, April 30, 2017

CLUEing in on Spring Forecasting Experiment 2017

It's nearly the beginning of May (even if it doesn't feel like it in Norman, OK, with a current windchill of 38°F!) and that means that another Spring Forecasting Experiment is about to be underway. This year the Community Leveraged Unified Ensemble (CLUE) is an even more vast than last year, comprised of 81 members from organizations such as NSSL, CAPS, OU, NOAA's Earth Systems Research Laboratory/Global Systems Division (ESRL/GSD), NCAR, and GFDL. These members will provide forecasts of 36 h to 60 h in length, depending on the subsets of the ensemble being considered.